Statistics 226

Categorical Data Analysis

Winter 1997

Last updated: 22 Mar 1997 15:25

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Homework Assignments

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  1. Homework 1 Due Tues 14-Jan-97.
    Solution (Postscript version) (Adobe PDF version; 236K) (Text (ASCII) version; 9K)
    Distribution of scores

  2. Homework 2 Due Thurs 23-Jan-97.
    Solution (Postscript version; 510K) (Adobe PDF version; 152K) (Text version unavailable)
    Distribution of scores

  3. Homework 3 Due Tues 4-Feb-97.
    Solution (Postscript version; 590K) (Adobe PDF version; 240K) (Text version unavailable)
    Distribution of scores

  4. Homework 4 Due Thur 27-Feb-97.
    Solution (Postscript version; 580K) (Adobe PDF version; 180K) (Text version unavailable)
    Distribution of scores

  5. Homework 5 Due Tues 11-Mar-97.
    Solution (Postscript version;356K) (Adobe PDF version; 330K) (Text version unavailable)
    Distribution of scores




Instructor: Ronald Thisted ( Eckhart 126, 2-8332, Office Hours: M 3-4.
Course Assistant: Molly Huang ( Eckhart 131, 2-7875, Office Hours: W 11-12.
Statistics 226