KinInbcoefX: Calculation of X-Chromosome Kinship Coefficients Based on Pedigree and Sex Information

 Version 2.0 May 25, 2009

Copyright(C) Qian Zhang, Catherine Bourgain, Mary Sara McPeek

KinInbcoefX is a C++ program that calculates X-chromosome kinship coefficients for pairs of individuals (and X-chromosome inbreeding coefficients for each individual), based on pedigree and sex information. We allow arbitrary inbred or outbred pedigrees.

We use the following definition: the X-chromosome kinship coefficient, C_AB, for individuals A and B, is the probability that a pair of alleles chosen at random, one from A and one from B, at a non-pseudoautosomal locus on the X-chromosome, is identical by descent.

For instance, by this definition, C_AB=.25 for an outbred mother-daughter pair, .5 for an outbred mother-son pair, .5 for an outbred father-daughter pair, and 0 for an outbred father-son pair. The X-chromosome inbreeding coefficient for a male is always defined to be 1, regardless of whether there is inbreeding. The X-chromosome inbreeding coefficient for a female is defined to be the X-chromosome kinship coefficient between her parents (which would be 0 for an outbred female).






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