KinInbcoefX Download

The current version of KinInbcoefX is 2.0. It contains one C++ program : KinInbcoefX.c. It is available as a gzipped tar archive that contains the source code, a README file, documentation for the input and output files, test input and output files, and a precompiled binary for Linux platforms. The source code was compiled using gcc 4.3.2 on a 32-bit processor.

  1. Download the archive KinInbcoefX.tgz
  2. Gunzip and untar the archive contents: tar xvfz KinInbcoefX.tgz
  3. Switch to the newly created directory containing the source: cd KinInbcoefX
  4. To get started, follow the instructions in the KinInbcoefX_README file

If you do not have the tar and gunzip utilities available, you can download each of the files in the KinInbcoefX distribution individually.

  1. KinInbcoefX README
  2. Source Code: KinInbcoefX.c
  3. Description of Input Files
  4. Description of Output Files
  5. Example 1 files:
  6. Example 2 files:
  7. Example 3 incorrect files:
  8. Pre-compiled binary

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