Case Control tests for samples with related individuals documentation

version 1.3 March 11, 2006
Copyright(C) Catherine Bourgain, Carole Ober, Mary Sara McPeek

The following files describe the usage, input and output of our software for Case Control tests for Samples with Related Individuals. This program computes the Case-Control Quasi-Likelihood Score test (CC-QLS test) and the Corrected Case-Control Chi2 test (corr-chi2) developped by Bourgain, Hoffjan, Nicolae, Newman, Steiner, Walker, Reynolds, Ober and McPeek (2003) in Novel Case-Control Test in a Founder Population Identifies P-selectin as an Atopy Susceptibility Locus, American Journal of Human Genetics 73:612-626 These two tests are suitable for case control analysis in any sample with related individuals, including complex pedigrees, provided that their relationship is known. We also provide with a program to compute kinship coefficients and inbreeding coefficients in any general pedigree (the KinInbcoef program), as these coefficients are required in the computation of the CC-QLS test and the corr-chi2 test.






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