Billingsley Lectures on Probability
Audience gathering in Breasted Hall

The Billingsley Lectures
on Probability

"On Coincidences"

Persi Diaconis

Mary V. Sunseri Professor of Statistics and Mathematics
Stanford University

Thursday, May 2, 2013, at 4:00 PM

Breasted Hall, at the Oriental Institute
1155 E. 58th Street
Reception following the lecture in Eckhart 209
5734 S. University Avenue

Coincidences amaze us. They can affect where we live and with whom. I will review early work of Jung, Freud, and Kammerer, and then introduce some skeptical tools. Sometimes, a little bit of quantitative thinking shows that things are not so surprising after all.

 Persi Diaconis
Persi Diaconis
Audience gathering in Breasted Hall Persi Diaconis
Steve Lalley, Greg Lawler, and Persi Diaconis Persi Diaconis with the Billingsleys and Greg Lawler in the background, left
Persi conversing with Mei Wang and Debashis Mondal Steve Lalley with the Billingsleys
Audience with Somak Dutta and Rishideep Roy in foreground Steve Lalley Greg Lawler Persi Diaconis with Michael Stein and Harry Crane
Persi on the left near stage, Steve Lalley and Greg Lawler in front  Persi Diaconis Persi Diaconis Greg Lawler, Jian Ding
Panoramic view of audience
Another panoramic view of audience
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