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Teaching Statistics at the University of Chicago

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This section of our website provides instructors of all levels in our department with practical resources; schedules, contacts, basic "how-to" information; and general guidance for conducting their classes and aiding their students' classroom experience. Our student lecturers, teaching assistants, and graders will find more direct supervision and guidance from the professors they are working with in class and from our Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Linda Brant Collins.


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  • 12.2.17 Autumn Quarter convocation grades due
  • 12.9.17 Autumn Quarter ends
  • 12.13.17 Autumn Quarter grades due
  • 12.25.17 Christmas Day - University Holiday
  • 1.1.18 New Year's Day - University Holiday
  • 1.3.18 Winter Quarter begins
  • 1.15.18 Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - University Holiday
  • 3.10.18 Winter Quarter convocation grades due
  • 3.17.18 Winter Quarter ends
  • 3.20.18 Winter Quarter grades due

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Per Mykland PER A. MYKLAND
Curriculum Chair
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Steven Lalley STEVEN P. LALLEY
Department Graduate Student Advisor (DGA)
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Director of Undergraduate Studies
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