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Faculty Research Domains

Core Domains:

Applied Dynamical Systems: Mary Silber
Applied Probability: Guillaume Bal
Partial Differential Equations: Guillaume Bal
Numerical ODE's and PDE's: Jonathan Weare


Interdisciplinary domains:

Biostatistics: Ronald Thisted
Computational Chemistry: Jonathan Weare
Computational Neuroscience: Yali Amit
Environmental and Spatial Statistics: Mihai Anitescu, Mary Silber, Michael Stein, Mei Wang
Inverse Problems and Imaging: Guillaume Bal
Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition: Yali Amit, Rina Foygel Barber, Zheng (Tracy) Ke, Risi Kondor, Lek‑Heng Lim
Mathematical Finance and Econometrics: Lars Hansen, Per Mykland, Wei‑Biao Wu