Download MQLS

The current release of MQLS is 1.5. It contains one C program: MQLS.c which calls 5 additional files (cholesky.c, z.c, chisq.c, nrutil.c and nrutil.h). It is available as a gzipped tar archive that contains all of the sources and documentation as well as precompiled binaries for the Linux platforms. It also contains example input and output files.
  1. Download the archive MQLS1.5.tar.gz
  2. Gunzip and untar the archive contents: tar xvfz MQLS1.5.tar.gz
  3. Switch to the newly created directory containing the source: cd MQLS
  4. To get started, follow the instructions in the MQLS_README file
If you do not have the tar and gunzip utilities available, you can download each of the files in the MQLS distribution individually. 

We have precompiled binaries of MQLStest for Linux machines if you do not want to compile the code yourself.
After downloading the above files into a directory, read the file MQLS_README for instructions on how to compile and run the code.