Download KinInbcoef

The current version of KinInbcoef is 1.0. It contains one c++ program : KinInbcoef.c. It is available as a gzipped tar archive that contains the source file, a README file as well as a precompiled binarie for the Linux platforms. It also contains test input and output files.
  1. Download the archive KinInbcoef.tar.gz
  2. Gunzip and untar the archive contents: tar xvfz KinInbcoef.tar.gz
  3. Switch to the newly created directory containing the source: cd KinInbcoef
  4. To get started, follow the instructions in the KinInbcoef_README file
If you do not have the tar and gunzip utilities available, you can download each of the files in the KinInbcoef distribution individually.