Math 110. Linear Algebra

Department of Mathematics
University of California, Berkeley
Fall 2007

This is an introductory course on linear algebra. We will study linear algebra from both an abstract point-of-view with vector spaces and linear transformations playing the central roles and also a more concrete approach emphasizing matrices and vectors in Rn. We will discuss some applications of linear algebra.

The official prerequisite for taking this course is Math 54: Linear algebra and differential equations.



Location: Evans Hall, Room 71

Times: 11:00 AM–12:00 PM on Mon/Wed/Fri

Course staff

Instructor: Lek-Heng Lim
Evans Hall, Room 873
(510) 642-8576
Office hours 12:00–2:00 PM every Monday and 2:00–4:00 PM every Wednesday

Graduate Student Instructor: Janak Ramakrishnan
Evans Hall, Room 1043
Office hours 12:00–5:00 PM every Wednesday and Thursday


Homework assignments

Homework will be assigned once a week and will be due the following week (except possibly in the weeks when there is a midterm). Collaborations are permitted but you will need to write up your own solutions.

Bug report on the problem sets or the solutions: lekheng(at)

Handouts and supplementary readings


Midterm II grade distribution: median = 30, mean = 30, max = 40, min = 12, stdev = 7.7, max possible marks = 40.

Midterm I grade distribution: median = 35, mean = 36, max = 50, min = 21, stdev = 6.6, max possible marks = 50.

Grade composition: 40% Homework, 15% Midterm I, 15% Midterm II, 30% Final


The second book is optional. It is an elementary version of the first, going more slowly and providing somewhat more details and examples.

Next semester's class will see even more cool applications. The following books will be used in Spring 2008.