Math 104. Introduction to Analysis

Department of Mathematics
University of California, Berkeley
Spring 2010

This is an introductory course on analysis.

The official prerequisites for taking this course are Math 53: Multivariable Calculus and Math 54: Linear Algebra and Differential Equations.



Location: Evans Hall, Room 9

Times: 4:00–5:30 PM on Mon/Wed/Fri

Course staff

Instructor: Lek-Heng Lim
Evans Hall, Room 873
(510) 642-8576
Office hours: 3–4, Mon; 12–1, Wed; 3–4, Fri.

Graduate Student Instructor: Aaron McMillan
Evans Hall, Room 891
Office hours: 9–12 & 4–6, Mon; 9–12 & 1–3, Tue.


Homework assignments

Homework will be assigned once a week and will be due the following week (except possibly in the weeks when there is a midterm). Collaborations are permitted but you will need to write up your own solutions.

Bug report on the problem sets or the solutions: lekheng(at)

Supplementary materials


Grade composition: best 8 of 10 homeworks (1st midterm counts as a homework) [40%], 2nd midterm [15%], final exam [45%].

Statistics: 1st midterm (mean = 8.25/12, median = 8.5/12), 2nd midterm (mean = 8/14, median = 8.25/14).

Final exam syllabus

General rule of thumb: If it's not covered in the lectures, it won't be on the final. In the following, "up to" means "up to and including".


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