John D. Lafferty


John Lafferty
Louis Block Professor
Department of Statistics
Department of Computer Science
Physical Sciences Division
University of Chicago

I am a professor at the University of Chicago, with a joint appointment in Statistics (primary) and Computer Science, and a faculty member of the College of the University of Chicago. I am also an Adjoint Professor at the Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago. Prior to joining the University of Chicago in 2011, I was Professor of Computer Science, Machine Learning, and Statistics at Carnegie Mellon University.

My research is in statistics and machine learning, with a focus on computational and statistical aspects of nonparametric methods, high-dimensional data, graphical models, document and text analysis. I'm part of the Computational and Applied Mathematics Initiative (CAMI) at the University of Chicago. Short NSF-style biographical sketch.

Postdoctoral position available in statistical machine learning

Some recent publications and preprints

  • A convergent gradient descent algorithm for rank minimization and
    semidefinite programming from random linear measurements

    Qinqing Zheng and John Lafferty

  • Quantized nonparametric estimation
    Yuancheng Zhu and John Lafferty

  • Faithful variable selection for high dimensional convex regression
    Min Xu, Minhua Chen and John Lafferty

Recent teaching

  • Stat 37790, Topics in Statistical Machine Learning (Fall, 2012)