John D. Lafferty


John Lafferty
Louis Block Professor
Department of Statistics
Department of Computer Science
Physical Sciences Division
University of Chicago

I am a professor at the University of Chicago, with a joint appointment in Statistics (primary) and Computer Science, and a faculty member of the College of the University of Chicago. My main research area is statistical machine learning, with a focus on computational and statistical aspects of nonparametric methods, high-dimensional data, graphical models, and applications. Prior to joining the University of Chicago in 2011, I was Professor of Computer Science, Machine Learning, and Statistics at Carnegie Mellon University.

Some Publications

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  • Dinah Shender (UChicago)

  • Eric Janofsky (UChicago)

  • Min Xu (Carnegie Mellon University)

  • Han Lui, Ph.D. 2010 (Princeton University)

  • Doug Vail, Ph.D. 2008 (Google)

  • Mugizi Robert Rwebangira, Ph.D. 2008 (Howard University)

  • Pradeep Ravikumar, Ph.D. 2007 (University of Texas, Austin)

  • Leonid Kontorovich, Ph.D. 2007 (Ben Gurion University)

  • Paul Bennett, Ph.D. 2006 (Microsoft Research)

  • Xiaojin Zhu, Ph.D. 2005 (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

  • Guy Lebanon, Ph.D. 2005 (Georgia Institute of Technology)

  • Peter Venable, Ph.D. 2003 (Haley Systems)

  • Chengxiang Zhai, Ph.D. 2002 (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)

  • Adam Berger, Ph.D. 2002 (Penthera Technologies)

Post-Doctoral Advising

  • Minhua Chen, 2012 (UChicago)

  • Shuheng Zhou, 2007 (University of Michigan)

  • David Blei, 2006 (Princeton University)

  • Ramesh Nallapati, 2005 (SRI)

Some Talks