John D. Lafferty


John Lafferty
Louis Block Professor
Department of Statistics
Department of Computer Science
Physical Sciences Division
University of Chicago

I am a professor at the University of Chicago, with a joint appointment in Statistics (primary) and Computer Science, and a faculty member of the College of the University of Chicago, currently serving on the College Council. I am also an Adjoint Professor at the Toyota Technological Institute at Chicago. Prior to joining the University of Chicago in 2011, I was Professor of Computer Science, Machine Learning, and Statistics at Carnegie Mellon University.

My research is in statistical machine learning, with a focus on computational and statistical aspects of nonparametric methods, high-dimensional data, graphical models, and document and text analysis. I'm part of the Computational and Applied Mathematics Initiative (CAMI) at the University of Chicago. A short NSF-style biographical sketch is here.

Recent activities

Rina Foygel Barber, Tracy Ke, and I organize a research and reading group at the University of Chicago called HELIOS (High-dimensional Estimation, Learning, Inference and Optimization in Statistics).

Dave Blei and I have launched the Hopper project to study statistical machine learning algorithms for extracting representations of text and mathematical expressions in the published scientific literature. Hopper is funded by a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

Postdoctoral position in statistical machine learning
Princeton conference on optimization and learning
Obergurgl conference on AI and theorem proving
Columbia course on high dimensional statistics and learning (Summer 2016)
Training students to extract value from big data (Summary of 2014 Workshop)

Recent publications and preprints

  • Adaptive risk bounds in unimodal regression
    Sabyasachi Chatterjee and John Lafferty

  • Quantized nonparametric estimation
    Yuancheng Zhu and John Lafferty

  • Faithful variable selection for high dimensional convex regression
    Min Xu, Minhua Chen and John Lafferty
    arxiv:1411.1805. Annals of Statistics, to appear.


  • Stat 37790, Topics in Statistical Machine Learning (Spring, 2016)