Eric Baer

Department of Statistics
Committee on Computational and Applied Mathematics
University of Chicago

I am an Assistant Senior Instructional Professor in the Department of Statistics and the Committee on Computational and Applied Mathematics at the University of Chicago.

e-mail: ebaer (at)

Postal address:
5747 S Ellis Ave.
Chicago, IL 60637 USA

Office: Jones Laboratory, Room 310.
Phone: (773) 834-0309
Fax: (773) 702-9810

Research Interests:
I have broad interests in applied mathematics, including problems in the calculus of variations, partial differential equations, harmonic analysis, and geometric measure theory.



UChicago Statistics, CCAM, MCAM (CAM seminars, Statistics seminars)
CMU Math (seminars, CNA preprints)
UW-Madison Math (PDE and Geometric Analysis Seminar, Analysis Seminar, Colloquia)
MIT Math (calendar)
UT Math (seminars)
CVGMT preprints