No prior statistics knowledge is expected or required for either STAT 200, 220, or 234
None of the three courses is a prerequisite for any of the others

STAT 200 vs. 220/234

STAT 200 is a “statistical literacy” course.

Students should take STAT 200 if interested in…

Students should NOT take STAT 200 if interested in…

STAT 220 vs. 234

No student can hold credit for both STAT 220 and 234

Students may count only one of STAT 220 or 234 toward the forty-two courses required for College graduation.

If you take STAT 234 first, then you cannot enroll in STAT 220.

What do STAT 220 and 234 have in common?
  • Both are introductory statistics courses
    • No prior knowledge of statistics is expected or required
  • STAT 220 and 234 often use the same base textbook.
  • Both courses cover the basic statistical concepts and methodology needed as prerequisite for more advanced statistics courses.
    • Courses that require introductory statistics as prerequisite typically list the prerequisite as “STAT 220 or 234”
Both courses use R to analyze data.
How do STAT 220 and 234 differ?
  • STAT 234 = STAT 220 + exploration of the math behind the statistical methods
    • For the mathematical add-ons in STAT 234, there are handouts, lectures, homework (and exams).
  • STAT 220 is an “algebra-based” intro to statistics like “STAT 101” at most universities
    • prerequisite = ready for calculus (MATH 131 …or placement into MATH 151)
  • STAT 234 is a calculus-based intro to statistics
    • prerequisite = single-variable calculus (MATH 133, 153, or 162)
Both courses use R to analyze data, but…
  • In STAT 220, you will get more practice with data analysis in R
  • In STAT 234 you will analyze data in R, but HW/exams also include
    • exploring why some statistical methods are mathematically “optimal”
    • confirming mathematical facts about statistical methods using calculus (minimization) and summation notation (compactly representing sums of data values)
    • using computer simulation to illustrate concepts to complex to explore with only single-variable calculus
Choose the course that sounds most interesting to you.

Only take STAT 234 if you have a personal interest in exploring the math behind the statistical methods while, at the same time, learning the statistical methods. …which are essentially the same statistical methods you would learn in STAT 220.

Director of Undergraduate Studies: Dr. Linda Brant Collins

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