Course Number Course Title Department Teaching the Course
CMSC 118=STAT 118 Introduction to Data Science I Computer Science
CMSC 25400=STAT 27725 Machine Learning Computer Science
PBHS 32901=STAT 35201 Introduction to Clinical Trials Public Health Sciences
SOCI 20278 Computing for the Social Sciences MACSS
STAT 119 Introduction to Data Science II Statistics
STAT 200 Elementary Statistics Statistics
STAT 243 Numerical Linear Algebra Statistics
STAT 244 Statistical Theory and Methods I Statistics
STAT 24410 Statistical Theory and Methods Ia Statistics
STAT 251 Introduction to Mathematical Probability Statistics
STAT 25150 Introduction to Mathematical Probability Statistics
STAT 253 Introduction to Probability Models Statistics
STAT 274 Nonparametric Inference Statistics
STAT 27850 Multiple Testing, Modern Inference, and Replicability Statistics
STAT 280 Optimization Statistics
STAT 282 Dynamical Systems with Applications Statistics

Adviser for Statistics Minors: Dr. Linda Brant Collins

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