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Course: STAT 40100
Title: Reading and Research: Statistics
Instructor(s): Faculty sections:
01. Amit, Yali
02. Anitescu, Mihai
03. Lalley, Steven
04. McCullagh, Peter
05. McPeek, Mary Sara
07. Mykland, Per
08. Nicolae, Dan
09. Stein, Michael
10. Stephens, Matthew
11. Stigler, Stephen
12. Thisted, Ronald
13. Wu, Wei Biao
14. Hansen, Lars Peter
15. Lawler, Gregory F.
16. Lim, Lek-Heng
18. Reinitz, John
19. Lafferty, John
20. Kondor, Risi (Imre)
22. Wolter, Kirk
23. Brunel, Nicolas
24. Ding, Jian
25. Weare, Jonathan
26. Barber, Rina
Description: This course allows doctoral students to receive credit for advanced work related to their dissertation topics. Students register for one of the listed faculty sections with prior consent from the respective instructor. Students may work with faculty from other departments; however, they still must obtain permission from and register with one of the listed faculty members.