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Course: STAT 24500
Title: Statistical Theory and Method 2
Instructor(s): Wei Biao Wu
Course Assistant(s): Kushal Dey and Yuxue Qi
Class Schedule: Sec 01: TR 9:00AM–10:20AM in Eckhart 133
Office Hours:  
Textbook(s): Rice, Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis, 3rd edition.
Description: This course is the second quarter of a systematic introduction to the principles and techniques of statistics, as well as to practical considerations in the analysis of data, with emphasis on the analysis of experimental data. The first quarter covers tools from probability and the elements of statistical theory. Topics include the definitions of probability and random variables, binomial and other discrete probability distributions, normal and other continuous probability distributions, joint probability distributions and the transformation of random variables, principles of inference (including Bayesian inference), maximum likelihood estimation, hypothesis testing and confidence intervals, likelihood ratio tests, multinomial distributions, and chi-square tests. Examples are drawn from the social, physical, and biological sciences. The coverage of topics in probability is limited and brief, so students who have taken a course in probability find reinforcement rather than redundancy. The second quarter covers statistical methodology, including the analysis of variance, regression, correlation, and some multivariate analysis. Some principles of data analysis are introduced, and an attempt is made to present the analysis of variance and regression in a unified framework. Computers are used in the second quarter.