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Course: STAT 22400=PBHS 32400
Title: Applied Regression Analysis
Instructor(s): Kendra Burbank
Course Assistant(s): Yunfan Tang and Andrew Poppick
Class Schedule: Sec 01: MWF 12:30-1:20PM in Eckhart 133
Office Hours:  
Textbook(s): Chatterjee, Hadi, Price, Regression Analysis By Example, 5th edition.
Description: This course is an introduction to the methods and applications of fitting and interpreting multiple regression models. The main emphasis is on the method of least squares. Topics include the examination of residuals, the transformation of data, strategies and criteria for the selection of a regression equation, the use of dummy variables, and tests of fit. The techniques discussed will be illustrated by many real examples involving biological and social science data. Examples and exercises will be implemented in a statistical software STATA, but familiarity with STATA is not required.