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Announcements and News

Department Holiday Party
The Department welcomed in the winter holidays with good company, good music, and good food and drink on Wednesday, December 3, from 5:00 PM through 8:00 PM at the Gordon Center Atrium. Enjoy photos of the event and have a wonderful holiday season!

The Department of Statistics has openings for the positions of William H. Kruskal Instructor, Assistant Professor, and Associate Professor. Applications are accepted via the University of Chicago's Academic Career Opportunities employment site.

Prospective Students
Read more at our Admissions site about exciting changes to our programs of study. Questions? Email us at

Data-Driven Discovery Award to Matthew Stephens
Congratulations to Prof. Matthew Stephens as one of fourteen investigators selected for DDD awards from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation as part of its five-year interdisciplinary science research initiative. Matthew's blog speaks in more detail of his project and future plans.

Faculty Accolades
Congratulations to Professors Mike Stein and Steve Stigler for recognition of their contributions at the Joint Statistical Meetings. Stein received a Distinguished Achievement Award from the JSM Section on Statistics and the Environment; Stigler delivered "The Seven Pillars of Statistical Wisdom" as the "ASA President's Invited Address." JSM 2014 took place in Boston this August.

Honorary Degree Awarded
The Department is pleased to announce that one of the seven honorary degrees presented at the 519th convocation on Saturday, June 14, was awarded to statistician-geneticist Terence Speed. Terry Speed gave a lecture on "Removing Unwanted Variation" on Wednesday, June 11.

Autumn Quarter Graduates
Best wishes to our department's Autumn Quarter M.S. graduates!
Rashad Ahmed
Peter Blankenship
Elizabeth Cleveland
Junchi Li
Jungkyun Seo
Weiyi Wang
David Welgus

The Computational and Applied Mathematics Initiative builds on the interdisciplinary efforts of Statistics faculty, students; their research, seminars, and classes.

IMA Summer School on Modern Applications of Representation Theory
Professors Risi Kondor and Lek-Heng Lim of our Department of Statistics and Prof. Jason Morton of Penn State were the organizers. Guest speakers' lectures by topic and speaker are available here.



Department Events This Week

Thursday, December 25, 2014, Christmas Day (University holiday)